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The Throne of Grace

The transition was difficult and tiring.

I was not accustomed to the overwhelming amount

Of responsibilities and workload.

My strength seemed to have run out long before I started.

I was frustrated to the point of wanting to quit–

But, somehow I have not quit.

And the transition is becoming easier to handle.

Let me tell you what I did:

I went to the throne of Grace,

and there before me was the Great High Priest,

Jesus Christ.

He told me that He can sympathize with all of my weaknesses,

That He has been tempted like me, only without sin.

And through my tears, I formed only enough words to say,

“Jesus, I need Your grace. I can’t do it anymore on my own.”

He looked at me, with compassion in His eyes, and said,

“Aisha, the grace I give you will be sufficient enough that you

won’t ever have to do things on your own. I promise you that 

My grace will help you in the time of need.”

by Aisha Hutchinson © 2012

poem taken from her book, It’s Only for a Season of Time

About Aisha Hutchinson

Aisha Hutchinson has been writing poetry for over 16 years as a way to encourage others.

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