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The Dance

Deep within me there is a longing

A great burning desire

To reach out and grab a hold of Him

Yet I know I must go higher

Way down in the depths of my being

In the very center of my soul

There is a place of great intimacy

That to reach I’ve made my goal

Sometimes in the smallest split second

I sense His presence

And yet I long for so more

And in that time the dance begins

One I have never done before

So I dance like no one else is watching

Like their eyes don’t mean a thing

Always remembering that I do have an audience

For I dance before the King

So many things I want to say to Him

That words could never express

So in my movement I share with Him

All of my sorrow, pain, love, joy and my happiness

What led me to Him was my desire to worship

And now I have been given the chance

So with a humble heart, I let Him open me up

As I embrace “The Dance”

Charmaine Hinds ©2001

About Worship Magazine

Worship 4:23 magazine (based on John 4:23, our biblical model of worship) is a special interest publication geared towards creative worshippers, dancers, musicians, worship leaders and all who participate in creating an atmosphere of worship.

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