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The body of Christ is full of diversity when it comes to gifting, character, and focus.  Maybe that’s because when Jesus gave us our mandate to “go into all the world”, He didn’t empower just one person or a specific group of people.  He empowered us all … just as we are.

MFT PresentsThis is evident to the more than 10,000 people that attend MissionFest Toronto every year. The theme for MissionFest Toronto on April 11-13, is ‘Rebuilding The Foundation Together. Restoring Our Land.’  Our inspired scripture reference is “Those from among you shall build the old waste places; you shall raise up the foundations of many generations”- Isaiah 58:12. But what does it really mean to rebuild the foundation?

This theme can refer to a city, a nation or a particular community, however even more importantly, that of which God is greatly concerned about, is the foundation of our hearts.

“… out of his heart will flow rivers of living water.”

Do we reflect the Father’s heart? If not, how can we effectively fulfill our mission for Christ?

While the Lord was working on issues of my own heart, He brought my attention to his commandment to ‘love your neighbour as yourself’.  How many people in this world can truly say they love and accept themselves as Jesus does, unconditionally? Many people have been bullied, spoken down to in a condescending manner, and told by the television media that you need to dress like this, talk like that, look like this in order to be accepted. No wonder many of us grow up thinking we are not good enough, worthy enough, beautiful enough etc.  All you have to do is look around you and see how many people are hurting on the inside.  However, God says we are made in His image. He is beautiful and so are we. If we reject ourselves, we reject God. Yes, we all need to be worked on and allow God to fully reign in our hearts and rebuild its foundation.

This year, MissionFest is embarking on an incredible Children’s program called Move Over Mona Lisa. I Am God’s Masterpiece on Friday April 12 & Saturday April 13, with topics: Love Yourself, Accept Yourself, Forgive Yourself and Believe in Yourself.

We are calling all Youth to rise up to the call on Friday’s ENGAGE Youth night with speakerBrett Ullmanknown for addressing hard topics that our youth experience today and what they can do to help others.

Both our men’s and women’s programs are designed to deepen their spiritual lives encouraging them to become active participants in missions wherever God has positioned them. Are you Single On A Jet Plane?  Bridget Antwi speaks on The Mission Field & The Single Heart. Are you in a leadership role or feel called to be in leadership? We all have to lead others to Christ wherever God has positioned us. In pastoral leadership or on a church committee; in government, missions, education, business, media?  Let’s live ON Purpose and rebuild together. Register for the ON Purpose Pastors & Leaders program with guest speaker Michael Puffet and MC David Macfarlane, Friday April 12.

Our keynote speakers includePaul Johnson(Open Doors Canada), Joseph D’souza (Dalit Freedom Network),Brett Ullman(Worlds Apart), Danny MacKay(I AM Second) and Rev. Marie Miller (Foundations Ministries Inc.).   We host over 20 seminars, plenary sessions, 140+ exhibitors, and programming for children, youth, men, women and the entire family.

This year we have the Nema Children’s Choir coming all the way fromUganda! A group birthed out of destitute and hopeless orphans many of whom had not only grown up with the affliction of infirmity but also been affected by the deadly HIV AIDS.

MissionFest’s focus is the great commission. It started by a committee of mission and church leaders who endeavoured to start a faith movement that would result in an annual missions conference to encourage and engage the Christian community in the work of ‘missions’.

Rather than being unified by an ideology or a philosophy, people around the world are coming together in the pursuit of a personal relationship with our loving saviour, Jesus. Now more than ever, God is connecting and mobilizing people across countries and regions for the fruition of what He started 2000 years ago — an awakening of His bride. MissionFest’s purpose is to facilitate the mobilization, and equipping of God’s people to evangelize, disciple and care for the people of the world.

Imagine a church that has broken through the barriers of discord, fear and wounds from the past; a church with the heart of the Father.

It’s time to step out and dream… One of the gifts that God has given MissionFest Toronto is the ability to make connections which translates into opportunity! MissionFest loves connecting diverse members of the body of Christ to achieve the impossible. It provides mission opportunities to members of various professions–doctors, lawyers, teachers, business executives, film producers, homemakers, students and more.  People come together and God does the rest.

Join us April 11-13 at Global Kingdom Ministries, 1250 Markham Road in Toronto,Canada.

MissionFest Toronto is a charitable organization. It costs over $300,000 each year to put on with minimal staff. Your partnership and financial support helps to keep MissionFest a free event allowing as many people as possible to attend.  Please visit our website www.missionfest.org or call 1.866.780.9157 for more information on how you can make a donation to MissionFest Toronto.


MissionFest Toronto – www.missionfest.org

Move Over Mona Lisa. I Am God’s Masterpiece – http://missionfest.celect.org/childrens-program

ENGAGE Youth night – http://missionfest-youth.celect.org/home

Men’s – http://missionfest.celect.org/men-on-a-mission

Women’s – http://missionfest.celect.org/ordinary-women

The Mission Field & The Single Heart – http://missionfest.celect.org/singles

ON Purpose Pastors & Leaders – http://missionfest.celect.org/on-purpose

Keynote speakers – http://missionfest.org/speakers

Seminars – http://missionfest.org/seminars

Nema Children’s Choir – http://missionfest.org/worship

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