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My Love Affair with Words

Power of WordsThe more I think about it the more I can’t fathom to remember. I’m not really sure the moment that it began, or exactly how I got here, I can’t figure out what happened or which pathway led me to this point and conclusion but I am sure of this one thing… I am in love with WORDS!

Maybe it began when I was a small infant and I realized that with my first spoken words there was an instant reaction of delight and joy from others.  It could have been just the way my parents responded to my simple collection of words as a young girl, as I arranged them in my mind to begin to understand the new world that I was living in or as a teenager when I was able to use my words to express all the hidden feelings and emotions that were causing much inner conflict. Whenever it started I just know this one thing, WORDS captured me and mesmerized me and made me feel alive and full of joy.

I am and always will be a talker. Don’t be mistaken I am not your average everyday person that loves to talk, I am an extremely radical, wake up in the morning talking and don’t stop all day, even if I have to talk to myself kind of talker. Statistics say that the average person says 50,000 words each day to themselves, well I say approximately 500, 000. This is all because of my relationship with WORDS.

I love the way that WORDS roll off my tongue and wrap themselves around another person’s  ear and cause them to locate their own words of response and then the conversation begins  as the words intertwine this beautiful thing of communication and understanding develops and begins to blossom. I find this to be one of my greatest joys in life as I open myself up and share my words with another living human being. I have purposely chosen to speak daily to the universe and use words to declare and decree what I believe or desire to see manifest.

In the Bible it says that “the WORD became flesh and dwelt among us”   The idea and concept of this excites me and as I read the words of Jesus my heart skips a beat as I underline and highlight certain words that reach out and grab my attention. Words like believe, faith, love, joy and heart are all circled in multiple colors in my personal bible. I love the way that the logos or written words become rhema or living words to me as I receive a new revelation that promises to transform the way I think and the thoughts that are constantly swirling in my mind. My mind is forever full of words that I have embraced and that have transformed into my beliefs that have eventually become me. I love these words that have made me who I am.

Words can be dangerous like swords or soft like feathers, they can harm or they can soothe, it all depends on how we choose to use them. I love the great power and strength I have found in my affair with words. If I choose my words wisely and not let them escape before their time they will become a cultivated treasure that no one can steal away.

I love words so much that I have them inscribed on my walls, hidden in secret places for me to daily discover, printed on scented candles, cups, plaques and painted on canvas with unusual creativity. WORDS jump out at me when I go to my kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, laundry room, living room and even when I open the front closet as I exit out the front door. They creep up on me and cause me to remember a familiar memory.

My bookcase is one of my greatest furniture acquisition as it is a five tier shelved beauty that holds a multitude of amazing books of learning, inspiration, memory, history, language, and general interest. There are authors of all genres, ages, concepts and ideas represented in this seven by three feet use of space. I love each individual book because they contain words that I have held dear.  These are the words that I have allowed to enter my mind, my thoughts, my heart and my life. They still whisper to me as I remember how they delicately touched me.

I sneak away in the middle of the day and meditate over WORDS, I purse my lips and receive a kiss from the words of life that leave my mouth, I rendezvous in the most elaborate places with books and phrases and spoken thoughts all to get a feeling of sensation as WORDS love on me and I love on them.

When I hold words in my hands and smell the fragrance of the pages as they turn there is an emotion that is both nostalgic and futuristic. As I romantically unite with every person that has universally read or will ever read these words as they serenely float around softly in the atmosphere.

I am made of WORDS and words are shaping me as I write, words are allowing me to connect with people in all spheres of influence, in many different parts of the world, words are revealing my travels, my future desires, words are my friends, my family , my lover.

I am in a love affair with words. words 2

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