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Hear the Sound | My times … His Hands

“My times are in your hands;”

“My future is in your hands.”

Psalm 31:15  NIV – NLT

Elijah gathered his mantle around him, covered his face, and walked out of the cave into the waiting Presence of God. A previous generation had met God on this same mountain. (Mt. Horeb and Mt. Sinai are thought by some scholars to be the same mountain; if not, they are close!) God had spoken before in this place with violent manifestations of trembling and supernatural sounds and fire. Today Elijah would hear the whispers of His heart. That conversation would release the future, both for Elijah as the Lord’s servant but also for the nation. How wonderful that the Lord had supernaturally fed him and thus fueled him to travel these forty days and forty nights back to the place of the covenant. The Lord’s gracious intervention had turned fear into propelling faith to find the future!

“My future is in your hands. “You can almost hear Elijah’s “amen” confirming this original declaration of David.You can risk your “amen” to this, too! When I recently heard the Lord speak it to me, I began to consider from the record of scripture how many times the Lord disclosed the future right in the face of the opposing forces.God has more than proven His ability to open the future even when the enemy has seemingly done everything to turn out the lights!

“My times are in your hands” “Times” in the original language can wonderfully represent the Hebrew counterpart to the Greek “kairos”. (Strongs. 6256) My “now”, my appointed or proper times, and my specified season are in His hands.(I can hear you shouting!!) My “opportunity” is held by Him.  Don’t miss that this word “hands” is the Hebrew word for “open hand”. When this word of the open hand of our God is used, it refers to His power, means, and direction. (Strongs, 3027) You are not finished! He is speaking to you!He has declared your future. As with Elijah and David, He will holdthat future in His power, in His means (provision and supply) and in His direction!In the face of all adversarial and contradictory dynamics, we can join David in declaring “You are my God.” My times are in your hands!

With rejoicing,

Rev. Peggy I. Kennedy www.TwoSilverTrumpets.ca “Sounding a prophetic voice to Canada and beyond…”

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