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GNI Update  – August 19, 2013

Wow – it’s hard to believe over 6 weeks have gone by since our time together at the Pastors/Leaders Gathering, the National Aboriginal Parliamentary Prayer Breakfast and at The Stand in Ottawa!

Recently I heard about a ‘sudden sovereign’ move of the Lord in Cwmbran (Victory Church) in Wales, people just coming in to stand in the presence of the Lord, and the heavy brooding of Holy Spirit releasing an outpouring of his presence, disrupting the ‘normalcy’ of worship and church service. Speakers could not speak, and as people stood in the presence of the Lord, healings broke out!

I was reminded of the heart and vision of the events during the National Aboriginal Day weekend; as well as the powerful testimonies later shared. I still believe there is more that needs to be done in the spirit of John 17 and the longing of the heart of the Lord but we must in love and in unity continue to move forward. It’s been difficult for our nation to capture a fresh vision of national unity in the body of Christ. There’s healing in the glory of the Lord. We cannot abort what was started but rather let us seek even more how to remain ‘standing’ together now and into the future.

What did you think of the weekend events? We would love to hear from you! We are putting together a photo gallery and testimonial page about the gatherings on our website. Pease send your favourite photos, video’s, or short testimonials about your experience.

What People Said About The Stand!

“At the Thursday night Leadership meeting I heard the Lord saying: “This is the trigger for the Tidal Wave from the East Coast of the Americas!” I immediately realised then that the ‘Stand’ here in Ottawa Canada is connected to the All Peoples Prayer Assembly (APPA) in Pennsylvania in Sept. The Lord also clarified, that Canada has triggered off the chain reaction from the north to the south of the whole Americas before the explosion in Sept 2013, releasing the Tsunami Tidal Wave of the Glory from Pennsylvania for the world.

“I asked the Lord, why Canada and the Lord said, the migrations of the aboriginal or indigenous native peoples of the American Continent started from the north after crossing the Bearing Strait from Asia/Russia. Canada is also leading the American Continent in the area of reconciliations between the indigenous native peoples and their Governments today. On Sat evening 22 June during the Stand, when Chief Dr Negiel Bigpond (USA) and Chief Kenny Blacksmith (Canada) were on the stage with their national flags, they swapped flags at one time and at that moment I saw Canada connecting with the USA in the spiritual realm. I knew then that the USA has fallen into battle formation with Canada in preparation for the Glory Wave to sweep the world back to Jerusalem. These chiefs on the stage were mirroring what was happening in the spiritual realm over their nations. Chief Vincent Yellow Old Woman was also on the stage holding the Israeli flag. The Glory Tidal Wave from the Americas will sweep the world, but its target is Jerusalem Sukkot 2017.”

                                                         ~ PastorMilo Siilata, Samoa, Pacific Islands.

“I am changed for being there and I believe everyone else is as well. …The presence of God was so evident” 
~ Apostle C. McLean, Orangeville, ON

“When the Grand entrance began at the prayer breakfast, I caught my breath because I knew that history was being made at that moment. So honoured to have been a part of this moment.”

~ Pastor. K. Redner, Kinburn, ON

“My life is changed and I now know where I will direct my energy for the Kingdom for the rest of my days here on earth.  That has been the biggest blessing of all because I’ve been waiting for direction and now I have it.

~ B. White, Ottawa ON

Remember to please send us your impressions as to what happened in the Spiritual realm that weekend.
My experience in the past 15 years is that once we have completed specific undertakings much needed support often ceases. I would like to encourage you to become monthly partners with Gathering Nations International. We need consistent support in order to continuing moving forward, as the Lord leads. Thank you so much for taking a stand with us to the glory of the Lord!

Kenny & Louise Blacksmith

email: info@gatheringnations.ca

Twitter: @gatheringu

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