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Dancing in My Father’s House

As a small girl she danced with joy

With her Father at the beginning of every celebration

He needed not coax nor convince her

She laid her head on His chest at the slightest invitation


As a young woman she grew, she began to rebel

And soon her new found independence caused her to stray

From the comforts and security of a loving home and Father

And she left it behind the day she ran away


As the dreams of success quickly faded to dark

And the cruelty of reality soon set in

Pride caused her not to return home to her Father

She then made the choice instead to dance for men


She danced with passion and great skill for others

For her Father had taught her well

But the shame of what she had become had effects upon her

That only her soul could tell


Then the letters began to slowly arrive

She knew what each one would say

Yet she could never bear to read even one

So unopened she filed them all away


Pride had caused her not to return home

Now Shame was holding her there

For if her Father knew what dance she was dancing

Those letters would quickly cease to appear


She longed to make the long journey home

Yet she knew not where to begin

Her desire had turned from dancing for the world

To have one precious moment in her Father’s arms again


Then one day the letter arrived

Delivered  some how by her own Father’s hand

This time she would open it up

Yet she just did not understand


It said “I   know where you are and I know what you have been doing

It doesn’t change how I feel about you

I’m still your Father, you are still my child

All I have written in my letters are still true”


As she frantically opened all of the letters

Each one addressed to her name

She began to cry a mountain of tears

For each letter had just one question that was always the same


She barely made it home in time

For the celebration was just about to begin

But there her Father stood waiting for her…

Waiting for her to answer Him


She turned to Him  “yes” she answered

“If the invitation is still open to me”

And so the two danced, Him holding her tight

Sweet music surrounding them in serenity


On the floor lay the letter with her name

And the Father’s simple request

“Will you come home and dance with me

and lay your head upon my chest?”


“ He came near to the house and he heard music and dancing”  Luke 15:25

C.Hinds/ © February 2002

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