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Beloved First Nations

Prophetic Word by Linda Patterson Vision In my early morning watch I saw a beautiful Indian headdress. I saw that an Indian chief was wearing this colorful headdress and in his hand he held a key. God is saying: You have the key for unlocking My plan and purpose for the nation. For I have put the principles of peace …

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Canada, Revival Is Coming

REVIVAL! REVIVAL! Embers are burning in the hearts of My remnant people and as they come together across the nation to meet with Me in small groups, the flames will ignite. Fires will burn from coast to coast in this nation of Canada. Sinners will be drawn to the flames. They will receive the Savior and they too shall start …

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The Canadian Awakening by Doug Patterson

The Canadian Awakening Awaken now Body of Christ.  Your nostrils are filled with the Spirit of the Lord for I have forced my breath into your lungs.  Breathe deep and long so you may rise up and possess this land.  Canada belongs to you, for it is your inheritance. Take hold of the maple leaf that I have placed in …

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Gathering Nations International

GNI Update  – August 19, 2013 Wow – it’s hard to believe over 6 weeks have gone by since our time together at the Pastors/Leaders Gathering, the National Aboriginal Parliamentary Prayer Breakfast and at The Stand in Ottawa! Recently I heard about a ‘sudden sovereign’ move of the Lord in Cwmbran (Victory Church) in Wales, people just coming in to stand …

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Hear the Sound | My times … His Hands

“My times are in your hands;” “My future is in your hands.” Psalm 31:15  NIV – NLT Elijah gathered his mantle around him, covered his face, and walked out of the cave into the waiting Presence of God. A previous generation had met God on this same mountain. (Mt. Horeb and Mt. Sinai are thought by some scholars to be the …

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Hear the Sound: Seeing by ear

“…for the LORD seeth not as man seeth; for man looketh on the outward appearance, but the LORD looketh on the heart. I Samuel 16:7 KJV      Yes, I know!  You are thinking that the title should read “seeing by eye” instead of “ear”!  But, “seeing by ear” is exactly what Samuel experienced at Jesse’s house. He was dispatched …

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