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All Nations, Tribes & People

All Nation, Tribe & People

The Canadian Awakening by Doug Patterson

The Canadian Awakening Awaken now Body of Christ.  Your nostrils are filled with the Spirit of the Lord for I have forced my breath into your lungs.  Breathe deep and long so you may rise up and possess this land.  Canada belongs to you, for it is your inheritance. Take hold of the maple leaf that I have placed in …

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Your Are Invited To MissionFest Toronto

Let your light shine MissionFest Toronto is largest missions conference in central Canada; serving the GTA, Ontario, and beyond.  We are excited to announce that next year’s MissionFest will take place April 4-5, 2014; equipping you with the truth of what God is doing right here and around the world. MissionFest has programming for all ages – Children, Youth, Men, Women and Singles, as well as free seminars and workshops. MissionFest Toronto embraces …

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Gathering Nations International

GNI Update  – August 19, 2013 Wow – it’s hard to believe over 6 weeks have gone by since our time together at the Pastors/Leaders Gathering, the National Aboriginal Parliamentary Prayer Breakfast and at The Stand in Ottawa! Recently I heard about a ‘sudden sovereign’ move of the Lord in Cwmbran (Victory Church) in Wales, people just coming in to stand …

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Back from New Zealand by Ian Opiniano

When I left for New Zealand, I had so many questions about who I was to be for God and the kind of ministry I am to have. I have learned so much over my travels of the past 5 months, so I write this in memory of the kind of man that God has made me. Whenever I recall this story – it …

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From American Idol top15 semi-finalist to mission Haiti, by Grace

For seven days (July 5-12, 2013), I was in Haiti on a mission trip with a group of people lead by my good friend, Olu Jedege, who co-pastors a church in the Toronto, Canada. Although we were all Canadians, our mission team, many of whom went for the whole month of July, seemed to represent the United Nations, since we were from …

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Idle No More and fulfilling Our Purpose In North America

On these topics I will endeavor to be objective and be of a good mind. One of the teachings I have received states that we need to focus on whatever is true, pure, admirable, lovely, anything excellent or praiseworthy; these are the things we need to meditate on. So accordingly, how we approach the matters of life really does matter. A new revelation on an …

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  The body of Christ is full of diversity when it comes to gifting, character, and focus.  Maybe that’s because when Jesus gave us our mandate to “go into all the world”, He didn’t empower just one person or a specific group of people.  He empowered us all … just as we are. This is evident to the more than 10,000 people …

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Words for Canada

The things we think are for evil are for His purposes and for His end time plan. He is sweeping across the land from East to West and He is unearthing- He is picking out the weeds, the season of the wheat and the tares growing together is coming to an end. His Spirit is beginning to blow across Canada …

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