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Broken Glass

Broken glass can represents a few thing
The symbolism of broken glass means broken promises or shattered expectations.

Your feelings may be hurt or a situation may be turning into a crisis.

At the Jewish wedding feast to consummate the relationship they drink from a wine glass and then they smash the glass
The glass is broken to protect this marriage with the implied prayer: “As this glass shatters, so may your marriage never break.” The promises made by the bride and groom, like the broken glass, are irrevocable. It reminds us that love, like glass, is fragile and must be protected.

Shattered glass symbolizes the fragility of our relationships and reminds us that we must treat our relationships with extra special care. It teaches us that in times of joy we must also realize life also brings sadness and sorrow.

Recently at a conference in 2012 where I was teaching at, the host decided to purchase a thank you gift for me. God told her a specific store in Halifax to go to and one word- the color purple

Unknown to her purple is my favourite color and the color of royalty that I wear often to remind me of my position as the daughter of the King. She went into the store and saw a purple gem rock – amethyst (my birthstone) and decided to purchase it. As she went to take the stone off of the shelf something unusual happened. The entire glass shelving and all the remaining stones on the shelves came crashing to the floor. As she stood there with the stone in her hand all she could think about was the thousands of dollars of damage that lay on the floor in a shattered pile of glass. Then something else happened that she did not expect- the attendant at the store came over and told her not to worry about the damage as there must have been some imbalance in the shelving for that to happen. Relieved but still in shock she purchased the beautiful rock and had it packaged and wrapped and walked out the doors of the shop. Wow!

After sharing this incredible story with a few people and pondering on its significance the Lord spoke to her about the following.

She received Rev 21:18-20 – Number 12 means leadership, government, perfection, completion and purple symbolizes priesthood

Amethyst was used as the 12th and last foundation. Each foundation is a unique gem for the adornment in creating the promised and new city to replace the old one.
Out of the broken glass shelves she received the message of Gods grace.

As she presented me with this precious gift and shared this story and meaning to me I knew that the Lord was speaking about the situation and circumstances that had just recently been reconciled and was in the process of restoration with my husband, our marriage, ministry and family.

This broken glass which represented the state of our relationship was because of the imbalance in our marriage and symbolized the brokennes of all of the promises and shattered expectations. But due to the grace of God we were walking away without having to pay the price for the damage and instead we would be rewarded by the amethyst foundation stone which represented the call of God that was on our lives of leadership and priesthood. Not to mention that He would replace the old with the new. What a beautiful gift of Gods Grace over our lives.

God gave me this song as a reminder of the journey

Broken Glass -Shattered dreams

Broken glass all on the floor

Dreams are shattered they are no more

I cant believe I am here

In this place

What can I get from all of this

More broken plans as I resist

If I surrender now

Will I receive His Grace

Yet all I see are tiny pieces

Small fragments as the pain increases

All the broken glass

As it is falling into space

Yet out of this something shall arise

A prophetic gift, a promised surprise

A treasure for our future

A hopeful prize

This foundation stone is oh so bright

The color purple sparkles against my eyes

Speaks of His wonder, majesty and glory

As it tells the world a beautiful story

Grace oh grace His amazing grace

That which I owed has now been paid

Grace has favoured me now I am released

Walking free into destiny

For there is no more broken glass

Begun to feel hope again at last

All regrets are now in the past
As we begin to embrace this brand new day

Those shattered dreams to return no more
Just a brand new path and wide open doors
Brushed and swept away up off the floor
Broken glass and shattered dreams are gone
Yes ,broken glass and shattered dreams have gone…
C.Hinds (c) 2012

About Charmaine Hinds

Charmaine Hinds, Editor in Chief | As a wife and mother of five blessings from God, Charmaine has proved that ministry and family can be a compliment to each other. As the founder and director of Worship In Motion. Charmaine has a desire to see others released into the ministry of dance and to ultimately come in to a greater level of worship and intimacy with the Lord.  http://www.wordofspiritandtruth.blogspot.com

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