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Beloved First Nations

Prophetic Word by Linda Patterson

About the author

Pastors Doug and Linda Patterson


In my early morning watch I saw a beautiful Indian headdress. I saw that an Indian chief was wearing this colorful headdress and in his hand he held a key.

God is saying:

You have the key for unlocking My plan and purpose for the nation. For I have put the principles of peace within your heart. For it has always been in your heart to pursue peace and live in peace, but there was a violation not of your accord. I tell you My beloved, the Prince of Peace is knocking at your door. Yes, the Prince of Peace, the Mighty Warrior is calling you. Come ride with Me My beloved! Come ride with Me! Face the wind and ride with Me into destiny; the destiny that has been inscribed even before the foundations of the earth. Our relationship was unique and special as you multiplied throughout this nation

I have set you first in this nation and put a scepter of hospitality in your hand. Even as you reached out and extended that scepter in days gone by you were plundered and taken advantage of , bringing hopelessness and despair. You have been lied to, stolen from and stripped bare. You have been pushed back and hidden in the recesses of the nation. I am lifting off a blanket of humiliation, shame and despair, as you allow Me to cover you in My new robes of righteousness, peace and joy.

Your time of arising is coming for I am bringing you forth into a season of restoration. For too many years you have known lack and fatigue. Despair has been written across your land. Today I am lifting the humiliation and the pain of abandonment. I am bring great restoration and healing to your wounds.

It is time to arise now O mighty men of war. You are My warriors of the final hour and I call you forth now from the recesses of the land you have occupied to come out into a new spiritual frontier.

Even as you have known the fires of affliction, I call you now into a fire of holiness; a fire of unity with My Son. Even as you come to this fire, you are covered in My blood and in My righteousness. The oppression of the enemy has brought you low, has caused you to walk with your head down, defeated in humiliation and disgrace. But in this last hour, I cause you to lift your head up to walk forward with me.

I have put the heart of a warrior within you, so I tell you now rise up, come forth from the recesses of obscurity and ride with Me, My warriors. Ride with Me in this final battle for the forces of light will overcome the forces of darkness, and you will sit by My side for all of eternity. The warriors of the First Nation have been transformed into warriors of My Holy Nation; precious and more valuable than much gold.

Continuation of Vision

Again I see this headdress. Feathers are being added with a sprinkling of red throughout. Oh, I see it is the blood of Jesus. These feathers represent new life in Christ. This headdress is living; it is alive. I see this headdress multi-colored, multi-nationed. It is aglow crimson red, orange and yellow burning brightly. I see the flame, the glow, the passion and the zeal. There is Jesus, He is riding on a white horse. And I see him with this headdress on His head. Yes, this headdress is the First Nations people. I see it now turning into a crown, a glorious crown. The King of Kings and Lord of Lords is saying, “You are My crown, you are My joy, and you are My blessing.”

About Doug & Linda Patterson

Doug and Linda Patterson are the co-founders of Shekinah Restoration Centre. Doug ministers under an apostolic power mantle resulting in breakthrough, healing and deliverance. Linda has a passion to see the Bride prepared and made ready for the return of her Bridegroom, Jesus Christ. She is an intercessor prophetic voice to the Bride.

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