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Dynamic Entrepreneur, Speaker, Writer and Communicator whose heart is to encourage, empower and assist others in discovering and fulfilling their life’s passion and purpose. Her Extensive Technical, Business, and People Management experience includes over 20 years mainly in the Financial and Educational sectors. Read More about Tristin http://www.wwav.ca/about/

From Overwhelm to Overflow

  When you think of the word ‘over’, we initially think of something that is done, and complete.  When the word over is used in conjunction with another word it tends to have a completely different connotation, in excess of or abundance.  It’s out of this place of abundance and overflow that God expects us to give of ourselves and …

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Just JUMP!

Jesus Understands My Position When all the praying, planning and pretending is over and it’s truly time to do “the stuff”… how do you go about doing it?  ‘Just Jump!’ was the advice given to me by some my closest friends.  It is so wonderful to have a group of godly cheerleaders rallying around you believing for your 30,000 when …

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Freedom Is Never Free

Who would have thought I would ever be a Military Mom, but a few years ago when our eldest Son told us he was applying for a post overseas it was official.  Although I always celebrated Remembrance Day with a sense of honour and gratefulness to our Veterans, since the year our son was deployed it became even more personal …

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Press In and Press Forward

Think about that for a moment… “Press in and Press Forward”. The very act of pressing in will ultimately press you forward towards your inevitable end-state. I picture a person leaning into and putting pressure on an object such as a rock at an opening to a cave. How badly do you want that rock, that obstacle to be removed …

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