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Melani Pyke combines her natural artistic talent with College and private training to develop a beautifully unique yet adaptable style. Her heart for people has seen her drawings and paintings develop into inspirational works that encourage all ages to live better and improve the world around them. Melani lives in Crystal Beach, Ontario (just south of Niagara Falls,) with her husband and two daughters.

Journaling your worship experience

With the new year comes a fresh start. I’ve been making an effort to journal my meditation on God’s word with drawings in a sketchbook, call it a new year’s resolution if you will.  See more paintings by Canadian Christian artist Melani Pyke. There are a couple of reasons for me to do this: 1. It keeps me accountable. I am …

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Communion Worship Painting

A worship painting created live during a service at Harbour Fellowship Church in St. Catharines Ontario Click here for more live prophetic worship paintings by Christian artist Melani Pyke Here is a simple yet powerful image which I invite you to look at for a moment or two. Notice the symbolism in it, and listen wit your eyes to what …

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A Painting in Motion

Do you ever wish you could express a dream or vision in a painting? God has given me gifts in visual arts and painting in particular, and it is my joy to share it with viewers.  Here is a painting I created during a service at a south Niagara church just before Christmas. Please click here to learn more about …

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A painting of the Stoning of Stephen

It’s often incredibly difficult to focus on simply worshiping God without interruption. I created this painting with the desire to portray a complete focus on the things of God, to the disregard of everything in the physical world. Click here to learn more about Melani Pyke prophetic & inspirational paintings. …But Stephen, full of the Holy Spirit, looked up to …

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Are you Hungry?

Are you hungry lately? (See melpyke.com for more inspirational Psalms paintings like this one.) This spring I’ve been blessed to be able to spend time outside and see bird nests just like this, with the tiny little ones reaching up for food, necks outstretched, just focused on one thing. Not only are they hungry in the moment, they are motivated …

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Worshiping with Awareness of an Audience

As a Christian visual artist, one of my favourite activities to be called upon to do is to create an inspirational painting before a live audience. Whether it’s a church worship service setting or a formal fundraising banquet where the painting will be auctioned off when complete, I have to find a balance between getting lost in the creative worship …

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