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Charmaine Hinds, Editor in Chief | As a wife and mother of five blessings from God, Charmaine has proved that ministry and family can be a compliment to each other. As the founder and director of Worship In Motion. Charmaine has a desire to see others released into the ministry of dance and to ultimately come in to a greater level of worship and intimacy with the Lord.  http://www.wordofspiritandtruth.blogspot.com

My Camels are coming! The camels are here!

In recent days I have heard the saying “The camels are coming, the camels are here” I even have visions of them coming my way. There is an excitement growing on my insides as I begin to unfold and understand what God is saying to me and my spirit is responding to. I was recently in Texas at a conference …

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Twin Sisters Joy and Happiness

There once was two twin sisters one name Joy and the other Happiness.  From the day they arrived into the world they were a blessing to anyone that encountered  They looked so much alike that most people couldn’t really tell the difference between them Often from a distance people would call Joy, Happiness and most people mistook Happiness for Joy …

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Forgiveness and the Lady Bug

A beautiful picture of forgiveness is depicted in the story of the lady bug The lady bug starts off with all black just like we are we are when we are born, we are dead in our sins Ephesians 2:1. No matter how hard we try or how good we become we can not change our state. Then she receives the …

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The Chinook

The Chinook wind is a warm, drying wind blowing down from off of the Rocky Mountains in western Canada and the inland northwest of the United States. The Chinook wind often moves at a high speed. It is most noticeable in winter, when its warm temperature contrasts so dramatically with the ambient cold air. The Chinook has the reputation its …

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Hineni | Isaiah 6

This is a reoccurring chapter in my study of the bible, having read this chapter at a minimum of 12-15 times a year. I am now becoming familiar with it but always discovering a new revelation through it. This chapter speaks of a supernatural occurrence in the life of Isaiah at a specific time, “In the year King Uzziah died.” …

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Words for Canada

The things we think are for evil are for His purposes and for His end time plan. He is sweeping across the land from East to West and He is unearthing- He is picking out the weeds, the season of the wheat and the tares growing together is coming to an end. His Spirit is beginning to blow across Canada …

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Nehemiah 11-13

Chapter 11 and 12 of Nehemiah reads very much like a family tree. It is giving a record of the names and location and a few personal details of the people living inside Jerusalem and outside Jerusalem during the time of the wall being rebuilt. At Chapter 12: 27 we get some inside information in regards to the dedication of …

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Broken Glass

Broken glass can represents a few thing The symbolism of broken glass means broken promises or shattered expectations. Your feelings may be hurt or a situation may be turning into a crisis. At the Jewish wedding feast to consummate the relationship they drink from a wine glass and then they smash the glass The glass is broken to protect this …

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