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Worship 4:23 magazine (based on John 4:23, our biblical model of worship) is a special interest publication geared towards creative worshippers, dancers, musicians, worship leaders and all who participate in creating an atmosphere of worship.

12 Tips to the finishing anointing

 A simple definition of finish is to stop doing an activity or task after reaching the point at which there is nothing left to do or to arrive at or attain the end of a task or course, to reach the final part; the conclusion or the completion. Now imagine you are watching a race and you see a person …

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My Love Affair with Words

The more I think about it the more I can’t fathom to remember. I’m not really sure the moment that it began, or exactly how I got here, I can’t figure out what happened or which pathway led me to this point and conclusion but I am sure of this one thing… I am in love with WORDS! Maybe it …

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Ugly Duckling Beautiful Swan

Last year I had a pivotal moment in my life. I was at a conference and the guest speaker called me out and spoke to me about being an ugly duckling and about the jealousy and conflict I had to endure all my life because of my beauty and that it was now time for me to begin to call …

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There once was a clay pot named Chippy. They had named him Chippy for a very good reason When he was a wee little pot he used to get bumped and banged. Occasionally he was even dropped. Until one day they noticed that he was chipped and broken and he had a wee little crack in his bottom. Everyone thought …

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Jesus In the City

 The 16th annual JESUS IN THE CITY PARADE will happen in the streets of downtown Toronto on Saturday September 12, 2015 starting at Queens Park 12 noon. The Jesus in the City Parade is a lively musical street pageant illustrating scenes/themes from the Bible through music, the arts and worship.   Sponsored by Festival of Praise International, this annual event attracts thousands …

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Muskoka Inspirational Arts Conference

On May 22 and 23, 2015, Wayne and myself attended and I taught dance at the Interdenominational Inspirational Arts conference held at Glenwood Chapel in Port Carling, Ontario in the Muskokas. It was an amazing opportunity to gather with other inspirational artists, dancers, visual artists, writers, photographers, dramatist, musicians, singers and a variety of other creative individuals. The theme was …

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Good, Good Father

So I like many other women, have been a girl with Daddy issues. My issues ran deep and had been compounded in so many ways that to some may seem imaginable. But I was consistently working my way through them as I came to know God as my Heavenly Father and Daddy. God loved me so much and understood my …

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ARTS Conference, May 22 – 23rd, Muskoka, Ontario

We have been building an ARTS Centre across the road complete with 3 studio spaces for creating or practicing, and a large studio/gallery! The theme is feet and our journey! The line up of presenters is top notch and I know it will be a blessing to all who attend.

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