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Are you hungry for God?

Are you Hungry?

Are you hungry lately? (See melpyke.com for more inspirational Psalms paintings like this one.) This spring I’ve been blessed to be able to spend time outside and see bird nests just like this, with the tiny little ones reaching up for food, necks outstretched, just focused on one thing.

Not only are they hungry in the moment, they are motivated to grow, to one day fly and nurture little ones of their own. I pray today that God would make me like a baby bird: simply hungry for more of the Holy Spirit,  maturing at the right time so I can nurture baby Christians, always being filled but never ceasing to hunger.

This acrylic painting was based on Psalm 145. It is one in my series of 150 paintings in 150 days, each based on a different Psalm. Click here to see the full Melani Pyke Psalms paintings series.

Are you hungry for God?
Are you hungry for God?

About mpyke

Melani Pyke combines her natural artistic talent with College and private training to develop a beautifully unique yet adaptable style. Her heart for people has seen her drawings and paintings develop into inspirational works that encourage all ages to live better and improve the world around them. Melani lives in Crystal Beach, Ontario (just south of Niagara Falls,) with her husband and two daughters.

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